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Happy Tails!

Important things to know:

Anal Glads Expression:  Our Grooming Specialists have the knowledge to do this however; FPAAC does not provide this service.  We  recommend you talk to your Vet and have them do this for you.

Rabies Vaccination:  FPAAC requires updated proof of Rabies Vaccination prior to grooming your Fur Baby.  If you do not have a copy, our Team would be happy to contact your Vet and have them fax/email the documentation to us.  On occasion, your Vet may require you to make the call to protect your privacy.  If your Fur Baby has recently received their new vaccination, please ask your Vet to send us a copy for our files.

De-matting:  We will do everything we can to brush out your Fur Baby however; on occasion it is beyond our control to do so.  It may be in their best interest to shave them out/down.  We will assess at check in and determine if this is required.  If we believe a shave down is required, we will let you know so you are not caught off guard.

Kennel Fees:  Should you be unable to pick up your Fur Baby within the allotted time after we call to let you know they are ready, we will charge a kennel fee of $20.00 per hour. 

Thursday Special:  $5.00 nail trim.  Stop by the shop to catch this deal.  Although it is not required, it is best to call ahead to book a time slot.

Stop by the Salon to pick up your ticket and help us support a worthy cause.