Please note, all our furry friends must be up to date on their Rabies shots.  This is to protect them, our other furry friends as well as our Staff.  Some Vet Clinics will not give this information to us to protect your privacy.  If you have recently updated your Fur Baby's vac's, please bring us an updated copy or ask your vet to email it to us at:  Thank you.

Gift Certificates now available.  Drop by to get yours.

Kennel Fee's:  FPAAC will be charging kennel fees for time over and above 1 hr after your furry friend is ready.  The fee for this is $10.00 per hour.

Please note, although our Grooming Specialists are experienced in expressing Anal Glands, it is not something we do at FPAAC.  We recommend you take your furry friend to your Vet to have this done.

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